Soylent Dave vs. the Zombies – Results

And the results are in!

Despite a long and difficult struggle against adversity (in which I had to try and remember what the controls were, because I haven’t played Dead Rising 2 in yonks), I pulled through and killed what is being officially described as ‘quite a few’ zombies.

I am assured by, er, me that the zombies killed for no reason other than charity (and fun) didn’t feel a thing. This is in part because they are zombies, and dead flesh doesn’t have any nerve endings. But it’s mostly because they’re made of polygons and only exist in a computer game and so are not real. 

The official event documentarian (my stepson) took some photos, and even some video footage:

(the poor quality of the footage is entirely the fault of my ancient mobile phone and not his skills as a cameraman. Although the shots I couldn’t use were totally his fault…)

The total number of zombies I killed was (drumroll… except for those of you who’ve already seen the result here. Or somewhere else. If you have, just pretend to be excited anyway – it’s not hard)

As promised I converted this into money (at 1p per zombie) and soon the massive sum of £25.60 was winging its way over to Special Effect (okay, maybe not massive on its own, but I’m sure you kind people will add to it…)

Donations are still open for those of you who were waiting for the results. And for those of you who didn’t sponsor me but secretly wanted to be one of the cool kids – it’s okay! Donations will remain open until the end of the month!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! And those of you who haven’t donated – that’s okay.

It’s just how you roll.

Oh and I completely forgot beforehand, but there are UK-riot-style looters in Dead Rising 2. Is that art imitating life imitating art, or just a spooky coincidence?

Either way, you get to beat them to death with crowbars, so that’s pretty cathartic. I’ll just refer you again to the ‘they aren’t real’ bit I said up at the top there, in case you’re getting concerned.

It could in fact just be a not-at-all spooky coincidence, because ‘looting’ and ‘dystopia’ go together like lightsabres and hockey masks. Or something.

Update (1st Sept): Donations are in fact now closed, so thanks to everyone who sponsored me – together we managed to raise £85.60 for Special Effect (plus another £15.15 in Gift Aid) – not bad for something knocked up over a couple of hours.

If you still want to help Special Effect (and why wouldn’t you?) you can always donate to them directly.

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