Zombie Aid

This is a serious one. It’s also a pretty hefty one, but it needs to be – so bear with me.

Zombie Aid

In 2009 an organisation called Zombie Aid appeared in Manchester. It was set up by Carl Whiteley – in fact Zombie Aid pretty much is Carl Whiteley – and aimed to raise money for charity while breaking world records involving numbers of zombies. The relevant world record attempts failed (one in summer, one in winter), but people had a good time and some money (“over £3000″) was raised for charity – participants paid a minimum £2 ‘donation’ for attending.

If this post is starting to look a bit daunting, then please just read this next bit:

Zombie Aid is not a registered charity

At no point during the establishment of Zombie Aid did Carl set it up to be a charity in any way – when Zombie Aidcollect your money, they are not doing so as a charity, or as any kind of official fundraiser.
Zombie Aid site update 14-07-11

So in 2010, Zombie Aid did another event. After an abortive attempt to involve SportCityZombie Aid got itself a sponsor (Smiffy’s, a fancy dress company), and organised a bigger, more inclusive ‘Halloween Parade‘, again through Manchester. Again, they collected a £2 donation from participants, and again lots of people attended and had fun. On November 1st (the day after the Parade), Zombie Aid made an announcement on their website (pictured) “Please revisit the website: we will update it as soon as we can with the amount of money you helped raise for charity”.

In March 2011, as there had still been no announcement, I contacted Carl and asked him about the money raised. The initial conversations were via Facebook, and are below:

Facebook messages with Carl Whiteley, 03-2011
I was understandably shocked – this was the first time anyone had heard that no money at all had been donated to any of the charities (I was also shocked to discover that Carl apparently has to pay for his hotmail account…).

Carl’s excuse for this seems to be that he spent the money received as donations on expenses related to the event (or expenses related to an entirely different (failed) Zombie Aid event – but we don’t really need to go into that).

The problem is that Carl (both as himself and as Zombie Aid) stated repeatedly, before the event, that 100% of donations go directly to charity. But don’t just take my word for it:

There’s no grey area here – it’s not “our profits go to charity” or “what’s left over after expenses goes to charity” or even “what’s left over after our wages” goes to charity – it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of everything you donate goes to charity – or at least that’s what was supposed to happen.

After making that claim, it doesn’t matter what your expenses are – you cannot pay them with the charities’ money!

Carl also banned me from the Zombie Aid Facebook group (presumably for publicly asking where the money went) and then phoned me at home to swear at me – but he did calm down a bit and answer some questions while he was on the phone (you will have to take my word for this bit (or not), because I didn’t record the conversation, I just took notes while we were talking (so there’s probably some paraphrasing) – this is all from the same conversation on 14/03/2011):

Me: How much money did the walk raise? You said it was a success.

Carl: It was – I sat and counted over £1900 in donations that day [the day of the Halloween Parade]

Me: How many people attended? How come none of that made it to the charity?

Carl: Around 3,000. I spent £1500 on advertising, the police cost £1500 – the council paid half of that – I lost a lot of money on promotions.

Carl: The stuff on the charities page on the website only refers to Zombie Aid; it doesn’t mention the Hallowe’en Parade anywhere on that page. It’s old information.

Me: You advertise the Hallowe’en Parade on the same site, and the Zombie Aid Facebook group.

Carl: I wanted to promote it to the zombie aid people.

Me: You don’t say anywhere on the site that they are separate things or run with separate rules

Carl: I didn’t know I fucking had to [apologises for swearing]

Me: People go to the zombie aid website to get info on the Hallowe’en parade; the only page on the zombie aid website about charities talks about Manchester, mentions the three charities involved in the Hallowe’en parade (specifically including Make-A-Wish, who were not a beneficiary of previous walks), and says that “100% of donations go to charity”. Even if you didn’t intend it to refer to the Hallowe’en Parade, can you not see that it would be at the very least misleading?

Carl: …Yeah, maybe.

Carl: Zombie Aid and the Hallowe’en Parade are separate things; they’re not the same.

Me: Are they separate organisations? Are they registered as companies / seperate entities? Is either registered as an entity?

Carl: No

Me: So Zombie Aid is basically Carl Whiteley?

Carl: Yes

Me: And the Hallowe’en Parade, is that Carl Whiteley?

Carl: Yes.

Me: I think you need to state on the website or on the Facebook group that the Hallowe’en Parade didn’t raise any money for charity.

Carl: I don’t want to do that because it’s too embarrassing.

Me: Yeah, it might be – but it’s true. Big charities sometimes have to do things like that as well.

Carl: Besides, we did raise some money – from the sales of the single1, which the parade promoted. And I got a letter from one of the charities thanking me – saying, despite… even though we didn’t send them any money, thanks for promoting them.

Me: Which charity was that?

Carl: Manchester Carer’s.

1Zombie Aid were also involved in the launch of a ‘Zombie Aid Charity Single’, which was sold via Amazon and Play.com, with proceeds going to charity – from the Zombie Aid website “In 2010 The Charity single was launched and sold over 500 copies. The exact figures are not in yet , but we have raised over £200 for the make a wish foundation. Once we receive all data and figures we will update and let you know.”

Carl then (later that evening) posted this announcement to the Zombie Aid group on Facebook (he lifted my ban and thanked me for my “valid concerns” as well):

Which – even though I wasn’t entirely satisfied – brought things to a conclusion. While the charities in question were still down nearly £2000, it could have been an honest mistake on Carl’s part – or simple incompetence – and pursuing the matter further was getting tiring, especially as it looked like Carl wasn’t planning on doing any more fundraising…

Dead Island

On the 14th July I received notification that Zombie Aid are planning yet another zombie walk – this time sponsored by Deep Silver, the developers of the upcoming Dead Island videogame. Carl and Zombie Aid once again started making promises about charitable donations :



So What?

The problem as I see it is that Zombie Aid has previously asked for charitable donations, which people have given in good faith and that money hasn’t found its way into the hands of the charities involved.

To some degree it doesn’t matter whether this was caused by incompetence or avarice – it happened, and so I can’t sit back and think it will never happen again. Ideally, there need to be some measures in place to ensure that it cannot happen – such as official charity representatives handling all donations; or the promotional material making it clear that the £2 donation is being spent on Zombie Aid expenses and not being given to charity (I’d prefer the former, for obvious ‘the charity gets some money’ reasons).

In the absence of measures being put in place by Zombie Aid, I can only recommend that attendees at Zombie Aid events who wish to ensure their donations go to charity do so by donating directly to the charities involved. In the case of the upcoming 2011 Dead Island Zombie Walk, the beneficiary is intended to be Special Effect (Charity no. 1121004), who are able to receive donations here.

At the time of writing (2nd August 2011), the Facebook event for the 2011 Dead Island Zombie Walk has been updated:


Although this has yet to be confirmed by an announcement or statement from Carl or Zombie Aid. If the event really has been cancelled, then I’ll just mention donating directly to Special Effect again here. For no good reason other than ‘donating to them is a good reason’.

Similarly, if you’re from one of the many groups who raise money throughout the year and pass your donations on to Zombie Aid – please bear in mind that Zombie Aid is not a charity, and they have in the past failed to pass donations on to those registered charities they claim to support.

If you are intending to raise money for a charity, you are always best advised to donate that money directly to that charity.

If you are intending to raise money for Carl Whiteley, then by all means – carry on.


Smiffy’s – sponsor of the 2010 Halloween Parade – told me:

Smiffy’s (28th July 2011):

This is the first we have heard of [donations not being received by the charities]. We have been trying unsuccessfully to contact Carl since you first spoke to us, and cannot comment further at the moment as we are still investigating.

Smiffy’s have no plans to work with Zombie Aid or Carl Whiteley in the future.

The Printworks Manchester – start and finish point of all three Zombie Aid events – said:

The Printworks (2nd August 2011): 

We were more involved with the two events in 2009. The 2010 [Halloween Parade] event was always a Carl Whiteley & Manchester City Council event; we were not very involved with that.

We didn’t deal with money or donations directly, and were unaware about how much was donated to charity, although we are aware that expenses were incurred by Carl (but cannot comment on the specifics). The upcoming [2011 Dead Island Zombie Walk] event is ‘pencilled in’ as far as we are concerned, pending confirmation from their [Zombie Aid’s] sponsor and Manchester City Council.

The Printworks does not charge Zombie Aid for the use of its premises.

Deep Silver – sponsor of the upcoming (and now possibly cancelled) 2011 Dead Island Zombie Walk – were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

In Closing

If you’ve read this far you’re probably asking yourself why I’ve put so much time and effort in.

One of the main reasons is that one of the charities involved is the Christie cancer hospital, where my mum was treated until she died. It’s somewhere pretty important to me and mine, and and I don’t want to see them being let down (or worse).

Another reason is that – contrary to what you may be thinking – I like zombies and zombie-related things. I think the idea of a charity zombie walk is a pretty good one – but I don’t want to see that idea being mismanaged or perverted (and zombies already get enough bad press; they don’t need any more!). I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Dead Island game – even if I don’t really agree with Deep Silver’s sponsorship of Zombie Aid. I have enjoyed dressing up as a zombie, and I probably will do again – but probably not at an event organised by Zombie Aid (at least not in their current incarnation).

You’ve see the same evidence I have and you know the same things I know. That’s the point of this post – a lot of this information wasn’t particularly public, and I feel like it deserves to be.

Now you can make your own minds up about Zombie Aid and Carl Whiteley, and whether you are willing to give them money, or whether you’d rather donate directly to charity. Only Carl knows what his intentions were, and what actually happened with the financing of the 2010 Halloween Parade – but it’s a matter of public record that no money from the Halloween Parade ended up being donated to charity.

That’s enough for me to say that I won’t give him or Zombie Aid any money in future.

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  • 2nd August 2011 at 18:01

    Beep boop!

    All comments have been copied from the archive and attributed correctly.

    Beep boop!

  • 2nd August 2011 at 18:41

    £1,500 on publicity? Really? With so many free newspapers and websites and lazy journalists BEGGING for content, I find that hard to believe.

  • 2nd August 2011 at 19:04

    Disgusting. And I normally don’t use that word whenever zombies are involved.
    While it doesn’t sound like Carl started off with dishonest intentions, it does appear that he dug himself a fine hole and tried to use further “charity events” to dig himself out.
    People should always give donations directly to the charity whenever possible.
    You were right to bring this all out into the open.

  • 2nd August 2011 at 22:55

    This article contains false information. Dave has done nothing but try and bring down this organisation for months. Calling up people, being rude… a sad man with nothing better to do.

    I happen to know Carl. He spends months a year planning these events. Doesnt get paid. Manchester City Football club cancelled an event last min that loads of money was spent on causing them loads of grief.
    Setting up an event costs money Yes @Val, publicity costs money. Half a page in a sci fi mag is like a grand. Events need to be publicised. Its completley legal to use finds to cover expenses, thats how organisations work.
    Zombie-Aid is national , events all over, in total they raise thousands a year. So one event out of three lost money? so what, thousands of people had a good time and charities got publicity (manchester carers centre knew there was no money raised, but thanked him for all his hard work and for putting word out about them)

    Do you know how much events are? For a charity event policing is over £2000, fliers and posters over £500. Not to mention all other costs.

    People like you make me sick. You have spent what looks like a year trying to dig up dirt on this group and lad and all you come up with is maybees. Well dip shit, i think you should check yer facts. I have a flier from Halloween and its states PROCEEDS to charity. I also know that the single did raised £220 and ALL of it went to make a wish

    Sad pathetic jobless tossers!

  • 2nd August 2011 at 23:54

    Disgusting… not Zombie aid… the tool writing this. Again I know this event well, go all the time.

    if this event gets approx 2000 people and they all donate £2 thats £4000. Now I KNOW that half people on this wont pay and just join in. So that’s between £2000 and £3000.

    Now, I found out about this event through a flier in 2009. Like the above stated fliers cost, not just printing but design. So lets say £500.

    Website – running costs of about £100 a year. But a well designed one like the Zombie Aid one must have cost a good £500 minimum.

    The charity single, that’s mega, looks great what did that cost? I see that all donations did go to the makeawish charity. So this looks ok to me.

    So, from what I gather, this one event failed to make money, where all other events have and have been a success.

    I got the facebook message saying that the Halloween parade failed to make money. I donated my £2 too. I also put money in the collection buckets that some of the charities had so I KNOW that must have reached charity.

    Manchester 2009, I saw that Zombie-Aid was mentioned on Children in Need as they raised money for them. Cash for kids, the variety club, cancer research and the Christies all got money from 2009.

    Who are we to judge this mans intentions. The amount of work that must go into that must be epic. Zombie-Aid, Carl, I take my hat off to you. Many new business’s and organizations hit hard times. Your work is great!

    Even if to took away the charity angle I would still come and donate my £2 as its a cracking and cheap event

    Looks to me like a case of envious eyes. Shame on you Mr Blogger

  • 2nd August 2011 at 23:55

    PS why has the previous comment been deleted. Are you censoring this page?

  • 3rd August 2011 at 00:00


    He deleted my comment. Just proves you are a liar Dave. ZOmbie-Aid is cool!!!

  • 3rd August 2011 at 00:39

    Simon & Lisa – your posts weren’t deleted, they were invisible.

    Your first comments to this site are moderated, which means I need to approve them before they go public.

    This is an anti-spam measure; I’m not censoring anyone who isn’t trying to enlarge my penis. It does mean there is a delay before your comments go live (because I need to be online to approve them) – although this delay should only apply to your first comment on the site; any subsequent comments should go through okay.

    The same will apply to anyone else commenting – if you have not commented on my blog before, your comment will not be visible until I approve it – after which you should be free to comment without any delays.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 00:53

    Lisa – the flier may well have said ‘proceeds’, which is certainly a bit of an ambiguous term.

    Two websites said ‘donations’. The official Zombie Aid website spelled out that all costs were covered and that ‘every penny’ would go to charity. There are screenshots up there from the Zombie Aid site – nobody has to take my word for it; I’m asking them to look at what was advertised – on the sites – at the time of the event.

    I’m not talking maybes; those are facts (some of which were confirmed by Carl). Whether you choose to believe or act on this evidence is up to you.

    Simon – I’m not trying to judge Carl’s intentions, just his actions. While Zombie Aid does seem have raised money for charity in 2009, the event in 2010 definitely didn’t.

    I couldn’t in good conscience allow an event with a near-identical description and set-up take to place (this year) without informing people about what had gone before. This is something I think Zombie Aid should have done themselves in the first place, by opening up their books and making a full and frank statement, rather than sweeping it under the carpet.

    It took Zombie Aid SIX MONTHS to state that the Halloween Parade made no money – and this statement, which was only made because I started asking questions – has since been removed from the Zombie Aid Facebook groups.

    These do not look to me like the actions of a group with nothing to hide or nothing to be ashamed of.

    My goal has never been to stop the zombie walk from happening, but to ensure that the charities involved get their money. There’s a reason I keep linking to Special Effect – I don’t want them to lose out on anything, but I can’t pretend I believed they’d get any money from the 2011 walk, either.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:11

    “Even if to took away the charity angle I would still come and donate my £2 as its a cracking and cheap event”

    Yep, the two zombie walks I went on were fun. BUT if an event uses charities as a way to motivate people to attend, then the charities MUST get something more than a heads up out of it. Christies don’t need a zombie walk to make their name known BTW.

    100% of donations will go to charity was said in more than one place and it wasn’t true. You had your fun – but the Charities got NOTHING from the Halloween Parade. And apparently some of my Council Tax went to pay for half the policing.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:15

    Ok I see your point. However, who are you to “allow an event to take place”

    As stated I am a veteran of Zombie walks, and have not been under the illusion that 100% would go to charity. I heard the single money was to. Looking at your blog I see that there does appear to be a mix up. But it doesn’t seem anything big.

    It’s obvious that last years summer event looked like it was a big un. If that was cancelled does it not seem obvious that there must have been big money tied up. A theme park, national advertising, a FOOTBALL STADIUM!! Come on,,, that would be a strain on anyone’s pocket.

    All I am saying is I follow this too, I don’t know why you didn’t know that Halloween raised no money because I knew. I looked on the Halloween website. It was there. Your queries on Zombie aid are one thing, but a personal attack is another. You seem to be articulate, your heart seems in the right place too, but I question whether this is a personal grudge!

    I cannot comment on this year as all I knew so far is that it was happening. I think you should talk to organisers, get the real low down. But give that bloke a break! I see him at events running around stressing. Must be tough work keeping all those zombies in check!

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:32


    Yes I heard council paid half police costs. The fact that police charge is bad enough, but it was a city event. It made news all over. Perhaps The Christie don’t need more publicity but whats the harm. I know the carers needed it!
    I agree charity events should raise money. This is a charity fundraising event and it looks clear to me that costs have outweighed donations. Who’s to blame? the people not donating (and there were a lot joining in from the outside) or people trying to put on a good show?

    To me Zombie walk is about more than charity. After all we can all just sit in and donate from our macs, its about interaction.

    I still cant see where it says this 100%? Iv’e looked all over. All I see are screen shots the blogger posted. Are these actually from another event?

    I think your all being to harsh, it’s clear these guys have good intentions, and yea, perhaps they need guidance. Being belittled however is not right. You say you do it for the charities… well judging by the cancellation of this years you have actually STOPPED money being raised.

    come on guys,,, take this rubbish offline

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:37

    “All I am saying is I follow this too, I don’t know why you didn’t know that Halloween raised no money because I knew”

    You knew because Dave spoke to Carl and got him to post about it. Before that the Zombie Aid site only spoke of the great success of the walk. It took MONTHS to say what had become of the money.

    You know what? If Carl had been upfront and arranged an event to pay off the MCFC debt we probably would have attended and donated. But if you say you are collecting for Christies or a kids charity, you should do just that.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:44

    Simon – The announcement that the Halloween Parade raised no money only came on the 14th March 2011; AFTER I contacted Carl (and six months after the event) – if you look at the first picture in my blog entry up there you can see the announcement gap (and there weren’t any other announcements elsewhere on the Zombie Aid site or Facebook groups between those dates, either)

    Also, I didn’t mean ‘allow it to take place’ but ‘allow it to happen without doing my best to inform people of the facts’. I wouldn’t want anyone to give their money to Zombie Aid without knowing its history (once they know it, they can make their own minds up)

    Similarly – I’m not denying that these events are expensive to organise; my point is that you can’t tell people “All your donations go to charity” before the event and then say “Actually, we spent all of your donations on expenses” afterwards. EVEN IF your expenses were far higher than you expected, and EVEN IF you are left massively out of pocket.

    (incidentally the “100%” screenshots I posted are dated if you mouseover them (the date information is embedded in the image file as well) and were from the Zombie Aid website during the build-up to (and for several months after) the Halloween Parade. You’ll notice other things that date them – such as references to Smiffy’s as a sponsor, and the events sidebar headed by ‘Manchester 31 October 2010′)

    I will however make clear the point that I am definitely NOT making any kind of personal attack on Carl Whiteley; I don’t know Carl, I don’t think I’ve ever met him (unless we were both zombies, in which case I didn’t recognise him), I’ve only communicated with him on a few occasions – all enquiries relating to these events. My interest in him stops and starts with Zombie Aid.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:47

    No, I knew soon after. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the single. They were having issues with figures. This stuff happens I guess.

    But Val… you are on here and arguing… yet you didnt even attend.

    Of course they didn’t say.. “now we are doing a Halloween Parade to cover lost money ” that’s silly. They put on another event hoping to recoup costs and raise money. TV and media say over 2000 people were there. Less than half of these 2000 would have donated to make enough to cover costs. It’s those that should be answering.

    Also they did raise money for a kids charity with the single. It didnt take months, I knew a few weeks after. You both speak like you know him personally. This is starting to look like a smear campaign.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:51

    “well judging by the cancellation of this years you have actually STOPPED money being raised”

    What money? And where would it go? Don’t you get it? NO MONEY went to the charities from the last walk. The council, the Printworks, the police… Do you think it would have gone ahead if it hadn’t been arranged as a CHARITY event? You can’t use the charities and then not donate! WTF? Would it have been sanctioned by the local authorities (or sponsored)if it was obviously just going to reimburse Carl for his lost revenue?

    If his previous debts were so HUGE (and he has done events before, so he must have had an IDEA of the costs of this one) how can he say he thought he’d be able to help the charities too? HOW?

    And lots of people went and didn’t pay at all (apparently) – in which case, why should they get another “charity” event?

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:56

    Hello Dave

    Thanks for clearing that up. So it’s not a personal attack. Still reads that way! I happen to know that Manchester Carers Centre were also helping with organise these events. The Football one and Halloween.

    I know this because I looked into the cancellation. As a blues fan I was interested. As it happens a site that the funfair was to be on was not completed in time. I actually joined a petition group asking that MCFC helped with finances. They didn’t, but that’s rich folk for ya.
    So, I digress sorry, several meetings took place with organisers, council and the Carers Charity was present for them AND at the Halloween walk. I cant speak for The Christie but this charity was fully aware of the situation.

    Perhaps there was a gap on the facebook group and website. The Halloween Parade website was updated the following week with news and comments. It’s since been abandoned and does not work.

    And I wasn’t aware that Halloween was a Zombie Aid. Just organised by the same people. Who cares.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 01:58

    Simon – Posted on Zombie-Aid MANCHESTER’s wall (by Carl)

    “Sadly a rather bored and foolish member of the public decided he would cause a few issues with our Sponsors and charities.”

    That sounds like a smear. Dave has been talking about facts and providing screenshots.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:04

    Hmm, perhaps not the best choice of words. IS he aware its you? does he know of this blog?

    I have actually found a screen shot for the Halloween Parade website. Its clearly states on there that a £2 will be asked for with PROCEEDS going to charity. Looks above board to me!

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:05

    Simon – If you’ve got a link to where that was announced, then that would help prove me wrong and go some way to saying Zombie Aid weren’t trying to conceal the results of the Halloween Parade.

    As I keep saying, the point of this post is to get the information out to as many people as possible. What they do with it once they have it is beyond my control; if you want to read what I’ve written and decide that means I have some sort of grudge against Carl and everything he stands for… fair enough.

    I don’t get to decide your opinions. But I do get to put the information out there.

    (also – I’m not sure how you get ‘silly’ from “being honest with people about what you’re going to do with their donations”. Sounds more like ‘best practice’ to me)

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:07

    That post you quote… doesn’t actually mention Dave does it?

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:09

    Simon – e-mail the pic over

    But as I said to Lisa up at the top – Zombie Aid may have said ‘proceeds’ in some places (indeed, they say so in one of the screenshots I’ve posted), which is certainly an ambiguous term, they ALSO said ‘donations’ and ‘every penny’ in other places.

    And yes, Carl Whiteley is aware of this blog and has responded to an e-mail I sent him earlier today asking for any comments. Whether I am the ‘member of the public’ he is referring to in Val’s quote is something only Carl knows.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:12

    I do Dave, I have a screen shot that I sent over to my friend last year telling them to come over.

    The link wont work now but it clearly states PROCEEDS

    What is your email? I will mail you the picture, see id we can put this to bed. If you are worried about posting your email you can mail me privately. You have it as I had to put it in when posting here


  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:22


    I have looked at your screen shots. Once clearly states that all donations made go to charity. Clicking that takes me to a page that looks like it was for the MCFC event as it has the downloadable sponsor form and has dates for upcoming events stating they are TBC in August, making it look like this page was intended for the Summer event.

    The link under it clearly states ALL PROCEEDS go to charity. PROCEEDS in the English dictionary are FINANCIAL GAIN or PROFIT – LEFTOVERS.
    The second link clearly states that. It also say Zombie Aid makes no PROFIT. All seems ok to me.

    So long as that organisation do not profit they are in the clear. Your own evidence shows this.

    I am going to contact the organisers and tell them this too. Its obvious there has been a mess up but not by them. Perhaps they haven’t been as clear as possible, but they have done no wrong

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:22

    E-mail sent

    If it was ‘clearly intended’ for the MCFC event, it’s unusual that nowhere on the page are the words ‘SportCity’ or ‘MCFC’ mentioned. The sponsorship form is pretty generic.

    More notably, that particular screenshot was taken in March 2011 – why was it still part of the Zombie Aid site if it referred ONLY to a cancelled event? And even if it was ‘intended’ to refer to a previous event, it was still the information on the Charities page during the run up to the actual event – so it’s the information people will have read, because people visiting Zombie Aid promotional sites can’t read Carl’s mind, or read what should have been written there – only what IS.

    You are, incidentally, repeating Carl almost word-for-word now. “Simon”.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:27

    “That post you quote… doesn’t actually mention Dave does it?”

    No, it doesn’t, so maybe it was about somebody else.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 02:55

    It does not say March 2011 on the screen shot.

    “You are, incidentally, repeating Carl almost word-for-word now. Simon.”

    Yes, Carl is quoted on this blog

  • 3rd August 2011 at 04:19

    Looks right to me. zombie-aid is loads of fun. some money did go to charity. Things cost money! nowts for free

  • 3rd August 2011 at 07:04

    As a fan of ‘Zombie-Aid’ I am utterly disgusted by your outrageous and slanderous behavior Dave Evans!

    Do you get your kicks by letting hordes of people down? I personally know many families with kids that will be gutted by this event’s cancellation due to your ill-researched, reactionary and defamatory behavior. Not to mention all the wasted trouble that people have gone to, both financially in preparation for, and through rearranging work schedules in able to attend it.

    Where is your actual PROOF that this event doesn’t give it’s PROCEEDS to charity? Real, concrete proof?

    The timing of this smear campaign stinks of rotten eggs ~ ‘Zombie-Aid’ is an established event that has been going since July 2009 ~ Where was your concern all this time? I put it to you that there was no concern at all.

    See sense Dave and put this right!

    (P.S. I’m taking a screen-shot of this submission so no need to go making this an “invisible” post either.)

  • 3rd August 2011 at 13:48

    Morganna – Just to reiterate, I don’t ‘make posts invisible’; they AUTOMATICALLY go into a moderation queue if you haven’t posted before, and I have to approve them manually (it’s to stop spambots getting through…) – as I’m not online 24/7 there’s an inevitable delay between a new comment and my clicking ‘this is a real person’.

    I’ve been involved in Zombie Aid (as a participant) since 2009 – in 2009, money was donated to charity. In 2010, money was NOT – and I started asking questions after an embarrassing amount of time had passed with no comment from Zombie Aid. That’s where my concern has been.

    As for ‘proof’ – there are several statements from Carl that the Halloween Parade raised no money for charity, even though he received nearly £2000 in donations. There are also statements from Carl that “100% of donations” and “every penny” will go to charity. I’ve put screenshots up of him & Zombie Aid saying these things.

    If that doesn’t sound like proof to you?

    Then keep giving him your money. It’s your money.

    (and if we’re going to talk about letting people down – what about the three charities worth of people; helping people with cancer and terminally ill children, who were ‘let down’ by Zombie Aid in 2010 when they didn’t receive a SINGLE PENNY from the Halloween Parade?)

  • 3rd August 2011 at 13:55

    Oh, and congratulations Ms. Morganna Bramah! You are the first person to comment negatively on this post who isn’t from the same IP address as Carl!

    I’ll have to think of a prize.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 14:13

    Morganna – What do YOU think should have happened to the (almost £2000) cash raised at the Halloween Parade charity event?

  • 3rd August 2011 at 15:07

    I’m sure you’ve already sent this information to the Manchester Evening News but if not then I think you should.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 15:31

    Really, what I’m getting from this, is I ought to be advertising my web and graphic design skills to British Zombie charities. The amounts quoted for web maintenance and promotional materials sound extraordinarily high.

    If your promotional budget is outstripping your charity donations, that’s usually a strong indication that it’s a bit of a vanity project, which is fine for a an event promoter, but counterproductive if you’re actually a charity. Particularly given this involves charities and something fun like zombies, you can probably get fans to donate time and skills to make it happen. It may not be as glossy and professional looking, but more money will reach the charity, and this likely the sort of event that trades heavily on word of mouth more than advertising. There may not be malice here, just a number of poor business decisions in light of that stated purpose of the events, but definitely deserves some review.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 18:09

    errrr DAVE… we are house mates!!!!

  • 3rd August 2011 at 18:16

    Lisa – What else did you think I was implying?

  • 3rd August 2011 at 18:56

    “If your promotional budget is outstripping your charity donations, that’s usually a strong indication that it’s a bit of a vanity project”

    Roni, I agree totally.

    My middle son once made a feature length zombie film (sadly it died during editing). The cameras were borrowed, the make up looked awesome, (because somebody who had worked on Shaun of the Dead VOLUNTEERED to help) and by handing out cheap flyers, he got a cast of almost a hundred. A local nightclub let them use the premises outside of opening hours.

    Plenty can be done without spending a fortune.

  • 3rd August 2011 at 23:08

    Ok so 1 event didnt make enough to donate to charity and there is a lack of clarity however you sound like someone with an axe to grind and things I’m hearing you have done like undermining this years sponsorship is looking like sabotage and a smear campaign to me, we had great fun at zombie walk and to be honest the charity aspect was an added bonus you cant expect him to fund it out of pocket, do you have written proof of the acusations you’re making if not you are open to a libel suit

    • 4th August 2011 at 01:29

      pixiejen – If you pay close attention to the entire post (up there at the top) you’ll notice that I do have some written evidence of Carl stating how much money was (or wasn’t) given to charity, and some evidence of what was stated on the Zombie Aid site with regard to asking for donations.

      That’s kinda the entire point of the article, really.

      While I don’t dispute that for you the charity aspect was an added bonus, I suspect that for the charities it’s probably a bit more important – and it certainly appears that Carl’s sponsors take the charitable aspect of the walk pretty seriously too (at least according to Zombie Aid‘s statement)

      Similarly, while you may not expect Carl to fund the walk (actually, he claimed his sponsors were doing the funding of the Halloween Parade, so he shouldn’t have been out of pocket anyway), I certainly don’t expect the charities to fund it (and that’s what is happening when you take money OUT of the donation pile and use it to pay ‘expenses’) – and I suspect most people would agree with me there.

  • 4th August 2011 at 02:13

    Pixiejen – I’m sick to death of all this talk of a “smear campaign” and “sabotage” and I’m getting frustrated with not saying too much about what I know.

    Who told you that Dave “undermined this years sponsorship”? How did he “undermine” it?

  • 4th August 2011 at 02:42

    Ah, so this idiocy continues.

    its clear Dave and Val are together. If all the pair of you have in your lives is time to bitch and complain about ONE event that failed to make money then you need to get out. I have been calm and patient in previous blogs. This IS obviously a personal attack.

    @Roni – Zombie Aid is not just Manchester its all over. several cities I believe. There has to be a hub, and that hub will naturally absorb the bulk costs. I used to manage a small club and promotion was a killer on finances. Marketing one event was well over £6k a time. This Halloween walk was billed as the first in England, so getting word to people must have been hard. And Promoting a single to try and get an unknown band into the charts would have been murder.

    Time to stop bitching methinks, if you put half the energy you did into this CLEAR SMEAR campaign you would be able to achieve bigger things.

    I will no longer post on here. Iv’e spent 2 evenings fighting this. You are clearly stubborn and will not look at facts. I EVEN emailed Dave EVIDENCE ! Is it here. No! Pathetic!

  • 4th August 2011 at 03:05

    Simon – I’m giving Carl and Zombie Aid time to issue statements and properly respond before I write my follow-up post. Your ‘definitely not manufactured in photoshop’ evidence was pretty good, though – apart from a couple of glaring errors (go back and have a look, you’ll kick yourself, really you will) – and will probably end up getting used (you didn’t need to fake up the screenshot aspect of it, by the way – I see no reason to dispute that Carl sometimes referred to ‘proceeds’).

    Carl has stated a couple of times that Zombie Aid isn’t a big national organisation, and that he isn’t affiliated with most of the national events – they just use the Zombie Aid logo and name (i.e. it’s a cross-promotional thing). That would mean they don’t share expenses – because there aren’t any group expenses ; each event is an island.

    It should also mean that Carl can’t really take credit when other organisers put in a lot of hard work and actually donate money to charity… but I’m sure he wouldn’t do that.

    Oh, and the Halloween Parade was promoted by the Manchester Evening News and – oh yeah – the BBC amongst others, so yeah – tough getting the word out. All that free publicity was probably pretty expensive, too (it’s a good job Zombie Aid’s sponsor were “covering ALL expenses”, really, or they’d have ended up in a really awkward situation… oh, no – that’s what happened, isn’t it?

    But I digress – since when is it appropriate for a charity to have money taken from them to fund the launch of a band’s career? Or to pay for the promotion of their single and try and get it into the charts? Or to pay expenses for a first-time event?

    Because that’s what has happened – the money was raised for specific charities, and instead of being given to those charities it was spent on Zombie Aid ‘expenses’.

    I don’t think it matters what those expenses are (which is fortunate, because Zombie Aid aren’t telling us exactly where our money was, or how much of it there was).

  • 4th August 2011 at 03:11

    Simon – I’m happy to agree that Dave and I are together. We did the first two Zombie Walks together too (we actually have photos on the wall at home). We were together when we encouraged our mutual friends to do the walks and support the events. And together we shared the disappointment of finding out (eventually) that Carl hadn’t given the money donated at the Halloween Parade to charity.

    And together we set out to find out why and what happened. And together we decided to raise awareness about the things we knew.

  • 4th August 2011 at 03:18

    So Hang on…. you WEREN’T EVEN THERE?????????

    none of your business then! Proof you are just out for trouble.

    And the fact you have pictures on your wall proved this isnt JUST a charity thing but a fun event.

    and as for the photo shop thing. Thats all I needed to hear! That was the live site!!!

    You get hard evidence and still pick on this guy. You Sir Are and arsehole!!!!!!!

    • 4th August 2011 at 03:30

      Simon – Ignoring the fact that your jpg clearly wasn’t a screenshot of the site taken at the time (as any fool can and will see), Carl stating ‘all proceeds’ in one place doesn’t magically invalidate him saying ‘all donations’ in three others, or that he spelled out ‘every penny you donate goes to charity’.

      I also have some ‘hard evidence’ of the latter – I think you’ve probably noticed.

      I also fail to see how “zombie walks are fun” equals “therefore we don’t have to give any donations to charity if we don’t want to”. Especially when you add “even though we said we would beforehand. And used the charity’s logo when we took your donations.”

      (and a charity I’m involved with getting let down very much is my business)

      PS if you can send a better ‘screenshot’ over that would be handy, as the text is needlessly blurry and a bit hard to read in the first one.

  • 4th August 2011 at 05:28

    How are you involved with it? You went to 2 of them in 2009. You You didnt go to Halloween.

    Your own screen shots above says PROCEEDS (one does say ALL DONATIONS but it does not refer to The Halloween event)

    And my screen shot WAS ORIGINAL.

    I am guessing you are unemployed right? too much spare time! I came back on to say dorry for calling you an arsehole… but you question me now! I do not take it back. Your pathetic

  • 4th August 2011 at 11:27

    “and a charity I’m involved with getting let down very much is my business”

    Simon – Dave didn’t mean Zombie Aid he meant Christie’s. You know, the CANCER HOSPITAL whose name was used to raise money but who never got a penny from the Halloween Parade. Pay attention Simon, he does explain why in his post.

    You think we have “too much spare time” and are “just out for trouble” and yet YOU Simon are the one whose priorities need questioning. You sit up in the early hours of the morning, wearing out the punctuation keys on your keyboard and calling people names. I’m not going to mention that flyer. And for what? To vilify us for highlighting a few facts? To defend a man whose track record (even if we totally believe his own version) isn’t exactly stellar? Why Simon?

    Yes, I’m unemployed. What are you, a student?

  • 4th August 2011 at 12:32

    if you want to insult and condescernd people go ahead my life is not so small that I care what your opinion is maybe I worded it badly, yers charities do need aupport especially at the moment but at least Zombie Aid is trying to do this, there are too many peiople ready to knock other peoples efforts, things may not have benn done perfectly or have had an ideal conclusion but doing something is far better than bitching about people who try .

  • 4th August 2011 at 13:05

    Pixiejen – I have done hours and hours of voluntary work, with all kinds of people (the Disabled Housing Trust, Portage, Royal Sussex County Hospital, ALL FM, Northmoor Community Centre etc.). I have also raised funds for several charities.

    I don’t just “bitch” about people who try to raise funds and nor does Dave. We aren’t enjoying all the hassle and frustration of making our point heard but we are very concerned about what has been going on and we didn’t want to let things carry on as they were, with another walk in the offing.

    Also I asked you a question earlier on this thread and I’d be very grateful if you could answer it-

    Who told you that Dave “undermined this years sponsorship”? How did he “undermine” it?

  • 4th August 2011 at 15:05

    pixiejen – “things may not have benn done perfectly or have had an ideal conclusion”

    There’s a big difference between ‘not ideal’ and ‘NO MONEY GOING TO CHARITY AT ALL’.

    The Halloween Parade didn’t ‘try’ to raise money for charity and then fail to raise any, or fail to raise much; it CLAIMED it was raising money for charity – it actually collected £2000 in donations – and then didn’t give ANY of that money to charity.

    There’s a very clear, very real difference between those two things – you can try and set Zombie Aid and Carl up as someone trying to do his best but just didn’t quite manage to succeed – but the reality is that Zombie Aid took nearly £2000 of donations and spent it on themselves.

    That’s not me making it up – that’s what Zombie Aid SAY HAS HAPPENED.

    And no-one has yet answered my question – when is it okay to take money from a charity to pay for your own expenses?

  • 4th August 2011 at 15:32

    As we’re at comment #50, I thought I’d summarise some of the questions that have been asked so far (it’s like a Comments ‘best of’):

    Are the “100%” screenshots referring to another event?
    That information was on Zombie Aid website at the time of the Halloween Parade and they refer to Smiffy’s (Halloween Parade sponsor) and explain that they are covering all costs associated with the event.

    So no, I don’t think they are actually.

    Zombie Aid say “All proceeds go to charity”, doesn’t that mean Dave is a LIAR?

    They say that in some places, and they say ‘all donations’ in others – so the most generous way of looking at it is what – particpants had to read Carl’s mind and know that he meant ‘all proceeds’ but didn’t mean ‘all donations’?

    A less generous approach would be to say that ‘all donations’ is what people were intended to think would happen, but Carl always intended for Zombie Aid to take a massive cut from the donations to the Halloween Parade.

    One of the screenshots also contains a pretty in-depth explanation – by Zombie Aid – of how Zombie Aid takes ‘NO cuts from proceeds’.

    Zombie Aid’s explanation for the Halloween Parade donating no money to charity is that Zombie Aid took a 100% cut from proceeds.

    What business is this of yours? You aren’t involved with Zombie Aid / you weren’t even on the walk / you don’t even have cancer etc. etc.?
    I answered this in the blog, but I will add that it’s possible for a human being to have a thing called a ‘social conscience’ – something where he gives a shit about things and people even when they don’t directly affect him.

    This apparently comes as a shock to some of you.

    But it’s because you hate Carl and Zombie Aid isn’t it? It’s because you’re jealous and hateful and mean and you hate them isn’t it? Really?
    No. I almost certainly haven’t ever met Carl. I’ve spoken to him once; I’ve e-mailed him a couple of times – all in relation to enquires about Zombie Aid.

    I don’t know him. I quite like the idea of Zombie Aid.

    I don’t like the way he didn’t give any money to charity after the last event, and I wouldn’t want him to do that again. That’s pretty much it.

    But Zombie Aid TRY to raise some money for charity – and is FUN – why are you focusing on the negative? Is it because you are a big negative meany-man who hates zombies?
    Another way of looking at this is Zombie Aid CLAIMED they were raising money for charity, and in fact did raise nearly £2000 in donations. They then took all of that money and spent on ‘expenses’.

    Zombie Aid used the fact that a charity’s name and logo were associated with the event to raise money – they then took that money – ALL OF IT – and spent it on Zombie Aid.

    If you feel this is acceptable, then we fundamentally disagree about the nature of morality.

    There are still some questions asked, but not answered. Spookily, they’re all questions asked by either me or blogmella (cue Twilight Zone music)

    What do YOU think should have happened to the (almost £2000) cash raised at the Halloween Parade charity event?

    Who told you that Dave “undermined this years sponsorship”? How did he “undermine” it?

    When is it okay to take money from a charity to pay for your own expenses?

    Feel free to answer these, commenters.

  • 4th August 2011 at 22:41

    Total disclosure: I’ve known Dave for years. I knew his mum before and during her fight with cancer which she sadly lost. I saw how deeply that effected Dave who basically became a live in carer for her.

    But I’m only really going to talk about this tangentially. This comment isn’t to say ‘poor Dave!’. It’s to hopefully make a point.

    Jen, Simon, Lisa… your reaction to this is understandable. Something that you like, something that you supported is being criticised. There is perhaps a feeling of embarrassment that would come with accepting things as Dave presents them. You may ask yourself questions like ‘why have I supported this if it achieved little or nothing? how could i not have noticed’.

    Really though if you accept what Dave says to be true then you are victims. If you donated money to this, and on even one occasion not a penny of your donation went to the charity, then you’re a victim if anything. Not as big a victim as the charities, but still a victim.

    Not a victim necessarily of anything but misplaced good intentions on Carl’s part. I don’t think Carl set out to profit on this. Clearly though things didn’t pan out.

    If what Dave says is true, surely you could understand his upset at Zombie Aid. If what Dave says isn’t true, what possible personal gain would he have of launching a ‘smear’ campaign against Zombie Aid?

    You’ve figured out that he’s unemployed. He isn’t involved in anything that competes with Zombie Aid. He doesn’t gain anything if Zombie Aid is undone by his words.

    So if you think he would make this up, why the hell would he do that? If Zombie Aid is great, and does great things for cancer… why would someone who was elbow deep in his mother’s fight for cancer want to harm it?

    I think you guys are falling into a very common trap. I think you don’t want what Dave says to be true, and it’s making it hard for you to look at it rationally.

    If you can’t find a good reason why he’d want to ‘smear’ a charity, maybe read this post again and bear in mind where Dave’s upset comes from.

    And Dave, I think I know how you ‘undermined’ this years sponsorship. I’m sure your impact was minimal, but telling people to donate directly to the charities instead of to Zombie Aid is likely what that’s all about.

    And people, it doesn’t matter what else they did or didn’t say about proceeds or profits. It doesn’t matter that in some places they were claiming the truth. In other places they weren’t. If you want to defend it, you can speculate to the reasons why that faulty information was out there, but there is no question that it was out there.

  • 5th August 2011 at 02:01

    VAL, No I am not a Student. I run a bar/ restaurant. This time of night is when I finish.

    Yes the Halloween event did raise £2,000. thats works out at each person involved in the parade donating less than 80p each!!! The organisers asked for £2. Should every participant have donated what they were asked that would have raised over £5,000. If zombie-aid took £2000 to pay for the event then £3,000 would have been left for charity. Simple maths.

    So, you sit there, living off tax payers money, undermining peoples hard work and think your high all mighty! Give me a break. A couple of jealous idiots with too much time. If you are so concerned set up your own fundraising event and stop smearing others

  • 5th August 2011 at 02:06

    @ Ryan. Many people are effected by cancer. And my heart goes out to all that are. I see Daves anguish, and see he is looking out for charities. But this is just a joke. This zombie aid HAS raised money. its all over the country. Ive researched a bit too and several events last year made thousands. the year before had 2 events in Manchester and they DID raise a lot. I have been to all Manchester events. So What ONE event didnt. I challenge anyone to try and put a street parade that size on for nothing!!! As I said before marketing my venue in the past has cost me thousands per event.

    I am sorry to hear the reasons for Dave’s involvement, but there are more pro-active ways to help cancer charities. Slagging off an event that HAS PREVIOUSLY made lots for the Christie is counter productive

  • 5th August 2011 at 02:48

    Simon – you say “I challenge anyone to try and put a street parade that size on for nothing!!!” as if Carl didn’t have a sponsor. HE DID, plus I believe he got money from the council.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for using the fact that I am unemployed (at the moment) as a way of getting at me. Being unemployed isn’t a crime; I’ve put enough money into the system in the past and hopefully will again. And as I pointed out to Pixiejen, I’ve done loads of volunteer work.

    As for your other jibe – I have no idea where jealousy is supposed to fit in with this story. I think you’re trying to manufacture a motive that would make Carl Whiteley sound like a “victim”. See Dave’s round-up (above) for answers.

    I’m sure that Dave and I will do some fundraising for Christie’s (and Special Effect) in the near future.

  • 5th August 2011 at 06:12

    Good get of your but and do it. You say you are not having a go at him…. how many times have you mentioned him by name? your a pair of nasty people.

    I too have done some research. The Halloween Parade did NOT have a sponsor. I found out that the sponsor for 2010 sponsored ALL zombie aid, events outside Manchester too. I also spoke to someone working on the cancelled event at Man City… a lot of money was spent on that, and they cancelled on zombie aid with a weeks warning and wouldn’t compensate. I support City but that annoyed me.

    No sponsorship money was received for the Halloween Parade. The council did pay a little… half the policing costs so i understand. That Parade had a lot more costs than police. It was massive. I was there…. your commenting on something you weren’t at.

    Yo are a pair of lazy, rude, ill informed arseholes with nothing better to do than destroy peoples fun and hard work.

    And I am not using unemployed to get to you, it’s an observation I made. I made it by noticing how much time you have on your hands to spend on shite like this. Idiots the pair of you

  • 5th August 2011 at 06:14

    oh and Ryan… you say the charities are victims… they HAVE received money in the past AND one of the charities helped plan the event.

  • 5th August 2011 at 07:58

    Simon –

    “How many times have you mentioned him by name?” you ask.

    What the Hell? What do you think we should call him? And why do you think it matters, given that the blog post is already up?

    I’m interested in two of the things you claim to be true –

    Firstly that “No sponsorship money was received for the Halloween Parade.”

    How do you know this? Are you actually Carl? Or are you closely associated with Zombie Aid yourself?

    Secondly that “one of the charities helped plan the event.”

    Really? So they are responsible too? Is that what you are saying? Which charity and how?

  • 5th August 2011 at 10:00

    No I dont know him. I do however know someone who was involved with volunteering. I mentioned before that I too had been asking around. You see I can hold down a job whilst looking into things.

    If you did real home work instead of just looking for all the negatives you too would find things out.

    I did however make contact with Carl. He was CCD into an email i sent Dave.

    This blog post is nothing but a nasty, bullying, smear. You only like it because FINALLY someone is posting on this joke of a site. Go get jobs!

  • 5th August 2011 at 11:11

    I’m interested in two of the things you claim to be true –

    Firstly that “No sponsorship money was received for the Halloween Parade.”

    Secondly that “one of the charities helped plan the event.”

    Please explain these statements.

  • 5th August 2011 at 12:31

    Well Sherlock… you tow seem to be wanna be detectives… ure yer noggin. See what Charities were involved and ask them!

    And I know no sponsor money was received got the Halloween Parade because I asked. Not Hard is it. Or is it signing on day and you haven’t had time

  • 5th August 2011 at 14:04

    Stay tuned for tonight’s thrilling instalment of ‘‘Simon’ drinks enough to feel brave enough to post on Dave’s blog, but then gets too drunk to type coherently’


  • 5th August 2011 at 19:41

    @ Simon

    I find it strange that you apparently found out info within a week that it apparently took Dave months to get by ASKING for it?

    It also doen’t make you look good by picking on the fact that they are jobless just because you can’t put up an arguement that clears Carl of all wrong doing.

    To be honest I would love to see it happen as i’m gutted that the zombie walk isn’t happening and i’m sure Carl didn’t really mean for any of this to get out of hand, but the facts are there to see and yes it does seem a bit personal but who else is Dave meant to mention when Carl is the organiser and only contact available for Zombie aid Manchester?

    Please prove all this wrong but I think you’ll struggle.

  • 5th August 2011 at 20:04

    I am also a member of the Zombie aid Manchester facebook page and regularly visit the zomie aid web site for info on upcoming events and I agree with Dave that the info leads you to believe that all the money they collect goes to the charities.

    To be honest people would still go if it said all profits go to charity, all it needed was a bit of clarity and honesty on the organisers part.

  • 14th August 2011 at 13:59

    carl has spent many hundreds of man hours for zombie aid and has been let down by City and the police MAN CITY should have donated a substantial amount after cancelling so late in the day how can things be re aranged so late LEAVE CARL ALONE HE IS A GREAT GUY WITH A GOOD HEART and hardly living it up are you suggesting that thousands have been donated and Carl is now living on an island in the sun I hardly thing so !

    • 14th August 2011 at 14:08

      Sue – No, I’m suggesting that thousands have been donated and Carl has spent it on his debts.

      I’m suggesting that because that’s what Carl told me. I’m suggesting that this is wrong. It’s wrong to set up a charity event where you promise all donations will go to charity, and then to take all the donations and spend them on ‘expenses’.

  • 15th August 2011 at 08:16

    I happen to know a great deal about this. Before raising money for the Christie you have to sign an agreement. This was done in the case of Halloween and the figure they agreed on was not met.
    The woman from Manchester Carers Centre has actually posted on the zombie-aid manchester wall stating she helped and was aware of this.
    You obviously live in a strange world Dave, you and your partner sit there claiming benefits thinking you are doing some kind of cook report and all you are doing is causing unnesecary smearing. Yes it is smearing.
    You put expenses in ”, expenses are a real part of a parade. Several thousand people, advertising, Simon is right, its expensive. If everyone there had donated it would have been a huge success.
    Your last comment, it never said all donations go to charity. The zombie-aid site was not the Halloween site. The Halloween site has been reinstated http://www.manchesterhalloweenparade.co.uk, it has not been changed apart from the update.
    I know a lot about this because I took the time to email carl and ask him. Its clear you have an issue, jealousy maybe, or just because you are that kind of idiot? who knows.
    All I know is you have ignored facts, and have decided to try and damage this guys reputation nop matter what facts are presented to you. Proceeds DOES mean whats left. If both the charities are happy with this and agreed then what is your problem? what gives you the right.

    The nice news in all this is that from what I gather, your interference put Smiffys and Zombie aid back in contact and they may sponsor next years halloween event.

    I have advised carl NOT to make it a charity event. take the money. He was not keen on this as he genuinley wnats to help. So I have advised, not to advertise a charity, to give his earnings from the event as a personal donation. And you have the nerver to question his intentions. You are obviously not a good person. You have started a hate campaign that has only helped this man, I knew of the events and went to halloween, but after seeing this I am now in contact with him and he has my full support and I will help fund future events.
    For you thi sblog has outraged many and made you look stupid. Well done, shame News of The World closed, it could use ill informed idiots like you.

  • 15th August 2011 at 08:21

    PS – you tell sue that you think carl spent it on his debts…. no, if he did cover debts they would have been zombie aid’s debts… you need some business knowledge, this is what happens. However you are wrong. I know you refer to teh Man City cancellation debts…. there were none!!! he lost money on that event, not owed!!!

    also do the maths…. police costs, advertising costs, etc…. that soon adds up ! am suprised an event of that calibre costs less than £5000

    you seem to be a nasty piece of work

    • 16th August 2011 at 12:30

      Adrian – Carl and Zombie Aid are the same thing; Carl has made that point several times. So Zombie Aid’s debts are Carl’s debts.

      But the people giving money to him expected their money to go to charity, not to Carl (or to Zombie Aid). The semantic argument Carl keeps making – the one where he sometimes says proceeds – doesn’t magically make it okay to take one hundred percent of the donations, and pocket them.

      It doesn’t matter what Carl – or Zombie Aid – spent the donations on. It matters what they didn’t spend them on – Zombie Aid and Carl variously told people some or ALL of the donations would go to charity.

      NONE of the money went to charity.

      And you know a lot about this because you transparently are Carl. The real people reading this aren’t stupid. They know who ‘Simon Dolby’ is as well…

  • 17th August 2011 at 02:40

    Sue – I’ve no doubt that Carl can seem very charming to some people (although luckily I haven’t met him, so I can remain objective). And you say he is a “Great guy with a good heart” but who does he blame for the failure of his recent ventures? He blames the Police, Manchester City FC, zombie walkers themselves and anyone who asks questions about where the money went. Where is the greatness, or goodness, in that?

    When you are handling and spending sponsors money and public charitable donations, you have to make sure your plans are watertight and know what your overheads will be. Carl must have had a rough idea from previous experience (of zombie walks) how much the Halloween Parade would cost and take in cash, surely? If it didn’t look like it would raise enough, why go ahead and let people part with their donations? NO money went to the Charities. None.

    I don’t judge Carl by what he says about himself, or by what he appears to be like, I judge him by his actions.

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  • 2nd February 2018 at 19:14

    carl whiteley openly admitted to me , that he takes wages out of donations, in his words ” idiots only do charity work for free, it’s work I deserved to be paid for”
    He also falsely claims things cost X amount of money , when it’s usually half the price , or even been given to him free prior.
    Carl whiteley is a conman just wanting to line his own pockets.


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