Just for the record, today is not ”a glorious day”.

Nor is it “a lovely day for a walk”, or a “pleasant extra bit of summer”.

It is a grotesque travesty inflicted upon us by the unflinching, ever-burning daystar, which we must all endure with typical British stoicism. We should certainly not be running about enjoying the godawful, unseasonal, sunny weather which has been forced upon us.

I say this not because I’m a miserable pale-skinned ginger who fries like a vampire in direct sunlight, but because…

… actually, that is my only reason. Shit.

It’s still a fucking horrible day, though. So stop telling me to enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Heatwave

  • 14th March 2012 at 10:31

    I had a look at your site. It was recommended by a friend, not for good reasons mind.
    Your an opinionated fuckwit. Plain and simple. And the picture of you …exactly what I expected form a stupid bullshitter. Ugly odd looking fuck!

    I particularly liked your article on scrounging…. I get the impression you are unemployed as you have som much time to spend on this joke you call a site.



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