BBC Breakfast Bias

I was pissed off enough at what was either sheer incompetence or flagrant bias on BBC Breakfast this morning that I actually bothered to complain to the BBC about it.

I don’t really expect it to achieve anything, but here’s my complaint in full:

Throughout this morning’s BBC Breakfast attention has been paid to the previous evening’s by-election result in South Shields. This was repeatedly reported as a ‘success for UKIP’ in the teaser montages (without mention of the party that actually won the election).

However, my main complaint addresses the statement made at around 7:30:

“UKIP … massively reduced Labour’s majority in South Shields”

Which is factually inaccurate and inappropriately biased – Labour had a 52% majority in 2010, and a 50.6% majority in 2013.

While the actual number of voters did drop, this happened for all major parties – as the turnout was over 12,000 lower (probably because 2013 was a by-election, not a general election).

I feel this amounts to a gross distortion of events, as it clearly suggests that UKIP achieved the majority of its 2nd place vote share from disillusioned Labour voters (which, while it *could* be true, has absolutely no basis in the election results as they stand)

This seems to me to be clear violation of the BBC’s commitment to impartiality.

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