Dave vs. Microsoft – Day Fifteen

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Ten days since my last update, and over half way through my challenge. So I should be pretty much half-way through my gamerscore target by now, right?


I did fully complete Hitman: Absolution, as you can see – but while the whole game was worth 1000 gamerscore, I’d earned some of that before I stared my challenge.

I’ve also been working through Dishonored – but in order to get the full 1000 gamerscore out of that, I’ll need to complete it twice (you get some achievements for completing the game without killing anyone, and some for killing people in interesting ways… obviously can’t get both on a single playthrough, and I’m not sure doing two playthroughs is the most efficient use of my time right now.

It’s okay, I’ve got this. I’m keeping my hair.

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