Labour Party Conference 2013

I’ve been saying for quite a while now that Labour were waiting for this particular conference to begin making policy announcements.

Despite being quietly confident (it’s the obvious best time to do it), it was a relief to be proved right so spectacularly.

Some policy pledges we have now include:

  • Repeal of the Tory NHS ‘reforms’
  • Repeal of the Bedroom Tax
  • Build 1 million new homes
  • Freeze Energy bills until 2017
  • Reverse Pension Tax relief for millionaires and tax cuts for Hedge Funds
  • Increase fine on firms who don’t pay the minimum wage from £5000 to £50,000
  • Introduce Disability Hate Crime legislation
  • Creation of a State-owned Rail Company which will compete with Private firms on rail franchises.
  • Free Childcare for children aged 3&4
  • Sacking of ATOS from Work Capability Assessments

So pretty much exactly the sort of stuff we (or I, at least) were hoping for.  A party that’s aiming for – and promising – the right things?

That’s massively important. It’s even more important when the alternative is a party that won’t just ‘not do’ those things, but is actively undoing them.

Can Labour deliver on these promises? If elected, yes – I think they can. Will they?

I’m quietly confident.

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