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So amidst all the usual rhetoric of the Conservative Party conference  – claims that the economy is recovering when it really, really isn’t, promises to keep cutting public services even after the deficit has been paid down, threats to sentence ALL long-term unemployed to Community Service… the usual guff –

David Cameron has made the following promise for the next Tory manifesto:

Under 25s will not be able to claim any benefits at all.

No Housing Benefit for 16-24 year-olds  who work minimum wage.

No Jobseeker’s Allowance for the 30% of our unemployed who are 16-24.

No Sickness Benefits for under 25s who fall ill. No Disability Benefit for disabled teenagers or young adults.

How does this make sense?

At a stroke the Tories would quite literally condemn an entire generation to poverty by removing their safety net – a safety net that we have paid for for our children, as and when they need it.

Under 25s aren’t feckless youths, roaming the streets in feral, uneducated mobs. They’re adults – often adults with families.

He’s talking about denying basic social services to an entire generation.
They can be ex-servicemen. University graduates unable to find work because we’re in a recession. Ordinary workers made redundant through injury (or employment cutbacks).

No strange alchemy takes place between 24 and 25 – a 22 year-old with two children doesn’t live any more cheaply than a 40 year-old with two children.

Who is going to support these people cast aside so callously by the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister?

Or are homeless youths an acceptable price to pay?

More importantly – who does David Cameron think this policy will appeal to?

His government has so far blamed the following groups for our economic woes:

  • the Unemployed
  • the Disabled
  • Immigrants
  • Families with three or more children
  • Teachers
  • the British Army
  • the NHS

Now he’s added all of our young people to that list.

I expect divide and conquer tactics from the Tories… but I don’t expect them to be barking mad.

Is there anyone left to vote Tory who hasn’t already been directly blamed for the state of our economy?

Oh yes: Bankers. 

One thought on “Under 25s

  • 7th October 2013 at 07:43

    “More importantly – who does David Cameron think this policy will appeal to?”

    Why, people above the age of 25, obviously. You said it yourself, this is a textbook example of divide et impera.

    And don’t forget, this stuff is made by social darwinists, after all, so what do you expect? It’s not that they don’t understand or foresee the horrible effects of the things they do – they simply don’t care, except when they’re even proud of the very problems they create.


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