Scottish Independence

As we move closer to the 18th September and the Scottish Independence referendum, my opinion matters less and less.

(as an Englishman living in England, I won’t be voting in it)

But you’re getting my opinion anyway, so ner.

I’ve been torn, if I’m honest.

I’d love it if Scots had the opportunity to vote ‘no’, and remain in a truly United Kingdom; one which offers genuinely fair income distribution, one which offers more fair devolution of legal powers and one which isn’t increasingly centred around a single English city.

But that isn’t one of the options on the ballot.

Scots have the option of voting ‘no’, and remaining in a United Kingdom which has historically shat upon Scotland from a great height – and perhaps hoping that we will continue the glacial process of devolution and eventually grant Scotland (and Wales, and Ulster) powers that should have been theirs all along…

Or they can vote ‘yes’ to Independence and start building a wholly new country of their very own.

If I was Scottish… it wouldn’t be that tough a choice for me, looking at all that. Obviously there’s a certain amount of risk attached to it – but then there’s a fair amount of risk attached to staying part of a UK that (even occasionally) votes in governments like our current one.

But just to put the icing on the cake, 215 ‘celebrities and public figures’ have signed a letter begging Scots to vote ‘no’ and remain in the UK.

People supporting the ‘no’ vote include Cilla Black, Helena Bonham-Carter, Michael Douglas, Hugo Rifkind, Simon Cowell, Peter Oborne…
Richard Dawkins…



Just imagine being in a position to create a whole new country without any of those people being in any way associated with it?

I’d be fucking racing you to the polling station.

You jammy Scottish bastards.


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