UKIP & Question Time in graphics

I could tie all these graphs together with an article, but I think I’ll just do a bit of annotating and let the graphics tell the story.
[NB: You can click on any of these images to get a (much) larger version]

I’ve now updated this first graph so that it remains relevant, while still telling the story of the incredible amount of UKIP focus that existed before they had a single elected Member of Parliament:


Following on from the original pie chart, we can now compare UKIP – a minor party with a few hundred councillors, a presence in the European Parliament, and (now) a single MP – to every other party with those same qualifications.

There seems to be a clear delineation between UKIP and the other minor parties:

(There are likewise parties with more  MPs (SNP, DUP, SDLP) & more councillors (SNP again) who have bizarrely appeared on Question Time much less often than UKIP)

You can also see a clear increase in the frequency of UKIP appearances – steady at first, and then a dramatic increase in 2013, increasing again in 2014:


One thing to note is that the biggest increase in UKIP appearances was before the European elections in May (remember that Question Time takes a break over summer, so we haven’t been subject to a UKIPless drought since then, just no Question Time…).

That’s not a reflection of UKIP’s electoral success, because it predates UKIP’s electoral success.



Which brings us to the all-party picture. I think this one really does speak for itself:


Update: it’s now a standing joke how often Nigel Farage appears on Question Time, but is it really appropriate that the leader of one minority political party should appear more often than entire parties have?


(as always, if you want to use, share or otherwise disseminate any of these graphics please do so – provided you retain credit to me in some form or another!).

Last updated: 18th April 2015. Data all correct at date shown on each graphic.

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