A Very Die Hard Christmas

You may have noticed your more daring friends making the temerarious suggestion that Die Hard, a 1988 action film starring Bruce Willis, could perhaps maybe actually be considered a Christmas Movie!


Except it’s not audacious at all, is it? Because you heard the same fucking thing last year, with the same breathless sense of faux-naughtiness surrounding it.

And if you’re thinking that you heard it all the year before that as well? You’re not wrong.

Because this tired old meme has been dragging its way onto social media for the last EIGHT fucking YEARS.
You can stop pretending that it’s a new idea, or that it’s somehow a shocking and interesting choice for your ‘favourite Christmas movie’.

Because it’s not. It’s an old, staid, drearypedestrian, piss annoying choice that doesn’t impress or surprise anyone in the fucking slightest, but seeing the same unfunny articles and memes all pretending that it’s an original and audacious concept does bore the shit out of me so I guess that’s almost the same thing as novelty.

Either develop an actual personality, or find a film that is genuinely surprising to pretend is your favourite Christmas movie and hope that that makes you interesting.

Even though your real favourite is Miracle on 34th Street because I know you.

We all know you.

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