noun (dated Charlton Heston film reference)About pages are serious business

1. SoylentDave is made out of people.
2. You tell everybody, you’ve gotta tell them!
3. SoylentDave is PEOPLE!

SoylentDave.com is an opinion, politics and geek blog.
It’s what you’re reading now.

One of these hair colours is indigenous to Dave`s headSoylent Dave is a Mancunian (that means I’m English, foreigners) in his thirties¹ who doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person.

So let’s knock that on the head.

I’ve been venting my frustrations onto various parts of the internet for about a decade now – if you’ve come across Soylent Dave or Unimaginative Pseudonym before, then it was probably me. Especially if he seemed at least a little bit pissed off or he used an excessive amount of graphs in the course of making an overly verbose political point.

I’m  arrogant (I not only have a blog, but I appear to be taking this ‘about’ page rather seriously) and brutally tactless (sometimes mistakenly identified as “just your English sense of humour” by Americans). I love statistics and fact-checking.

I’ve been published by sites ranging from the Guardian to IGN, although of course this site is by far the most important²

I’m opinionated, egotistical, pedantic and cynical. It’s been suggested that I have anger management issues, but I prefer to think of other people as having competence delivery issues.

If I’m not careful, I overuse italicisation and ellipses. You may already have noticed this…

Oh yeah, I swear a fair bit too². Maybe I should have put this bit in at the start.Dave sometimes has red hair

As well as getting all angry on the internet, I am an enormous nerd. Sometimes I write about that as well.

¹Which means I am of course young, hip and/or down with the kids.
²Not really: I am absolutely and completely available to write for hire.
³But only because it’s big and clever.