A Very Die Hard Christmas

You may have noticed your more daring friends making the temerarious suggestion that Die Hard, a 1988 action film starring Bruce Willis, could perhaps maybe actually be considered… a Christmas Movie!


Except it’s not audacious at all, is it? Because you heard the same fucking thing last year, with the same breathless sense of faux-naughtiness surrounding it. 

And if you’re thinking that you heard it all the year before that as well? You’re not wrong. 

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Animal Testing

Alongside with the current popularity of dumping ice on one another’s heads, there have been all manner of criticisms of both the practice and the charities involved.

I’m not going to talk about the ice.

One of the more strident criticisms of the ALS Association – as highlighted by noted biologist Pamela Anderson out of Baywatch – is that they utilise Animal Experimentation in their research.

Yes, yes they do. Of course they do.

Because that’s how you research treatments that will eventually be used on humans.

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The Masque of Anarchy

It’s International Workers’ Day today (aka Labour Day, aka May Day, aka my birthday), which is a good time to remember the right of the common man to stand together with his comrades and oppose that which is wrong.

On 16th August 1819, about 80,000 protesters gathered in Manchester to demand Parliamentary reform – the response from the government of the day was to order a cavalry charge, and what became known as the Peterloo Massacre.

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