Are Exams Too Easy?

My son has just completed his GCSEs, so I was paying a bit more attention this year to all the hue and cry about exam results – but I’ve not been immune to the fact that, for as long as I can recall, we’ve been saying that exams are getting easier.

The other way of looking at is that our children are getting brighter. This would be nice.

In fact, I don’t think either of those is the case…

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I used to be quite into horror films. I say ‘used to’ not because I’ve grown out of it or anything, but because the genre doesn’t seem to exist any more.

When I was a nipper, you couldn’t move for horror – and I mean genuine horror, rather than just films marketed as horror (although there was a lot of that, too). There were films aplenty with atmosphere, tension and usually – but not always – a bit of gore.

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