Under 25s

So amidst all the usual rhetoric of the Conservative Party conference  – claims that the economy is recovering when it really, really isn’t, promises to keep cutting public services even after the deficit has been paid down, threats to sentence ALL long-term unemployed to Community Service… the usual guff…

… David Cameron has promised to cancel ALL benefits for under-25s.

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UK Debt

We’re pretty much half-way through this government now, if their plan for a general election in 2015 holds.

So far they’ve put forward a number of deeply unpopular and quite honestly barbaric policies, all in the name of reducing the deficit. Most of these have been targeted at reducing the welfare bill (which is considerable), but it does mean that Osborne has decided to pay the deficit by cutting funds to those in our society who need it most.

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Are Exams Too Easy?

My son has just completed his GCSEs, so I was paying a bit more attention this year to all the hue and cry about exam results – but I’ve not been immune to the fact that, for as long as I can recall, we’ve been saying that exams are getting easier.

The other way of looking at is that our children are getting brighter. This would be nice.

In fact, I don’t think either of those is the case…

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