Hypocrisy and clay feet

Left wing people:

I want you to imagine a Tory leader who sets up an “independent” inquiry into racism in his party, and awards the chair of that inquiry a peerage less than two months after the results of the inquiry – results which exonerate the Tory party, and the Tory leader – are published.

I want you to imagine how you’d feel about that. The opinion you’d have of such transparent cronyism. How you’d feel about the veracity of such an inquiry, never mind the integrity of the Tory leader.

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On Jeremy Corbyn

I’ve been a member of the Labour party for some time now. I consider myself to be firmly on the left:

I oppose NHS privatisation & I support investment in public services. I support rail nationalisation (although I’d like to aim a bit higher than British Rail, because I remember what that was like…). I’m pro-Union. I want a properly redistributive tax system, with a social security system that works without demonising claimants. I think immigration has been (and continues to be) a huge benefit to our country. I voted to Remain in the EU.

Why, then, do I not support him?

I did, originally.

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Stellaris – Imperial Arachnids 4

Our superior science predicts that the cold-blooded nature of the Ubarians will render them slow to react to our declaration of war, and so our military takes the time to regroup and re-arm at Xelxic Prime.

These predictions are proved wrong & the delay costly, when a huge Ubaric battlefleet warps into the Condarra system & begins laying waste to our orbital refineries. With the colony world Goxesh under threat, our warships are deployed immediately, and arrive in-system just as the Ubarians have begun to bombard our fledgling colony.

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Stellaris – Imperial Arachnids 3

New Frontiers

For three more years, Xelxic science vessels searched our neighbouring stars for suitable colony worlds, to no avail – finding only inhospitable wet worlds, covered by oceans or jungle.

We watched, horrified, as the Ubaric lizards increased their sphere of influence, inching closer to Xelxic Prime with each passing month.

Desperately, the Cardix was tasked to conduct a detailed survey of our closest star, Condarra – one which Xelxic deep space probes had already analysed decades before.

The probes were wrong.

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Stellaris – Imperial Arachnids

I’ve been looking forward to the launch of Stellaris for a while; I’m a fan of Paradox Interactive’s other games (more specifically Crusader Kings II) – which are well worth getting into despite their rather steep learning curve – and I’m also a big fan of interstellar grand strategy, so my hopes have been up.

Rather than doing a review, I’ve decided to write this up as a full-blown After Action Report. Optimistically, I’m writing up my first actual playthrough. I’m sure everything will work out fine.

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Tuition Fees

The government have today announced plans to increase University tuition fees yet again. Not content with with increasing the cost of University education by an eye-watering 280% when they first came to power, the government have decided that £9000 a year isn’t quite enough to keep the proles out of higher education.

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BBC Bias

I’m not of the opinion that the BBC is entirely perfect. I do think that individual journalists and presenters on the BBC on occasion allow their personal political preferences to show – it would be absurd to pretend otherwise, frankly.

But what I don’t believe is that the BBC is inherently biased, or that BBC political editors are forcing the entire BBC agenda to be overtly pro- or anti- a given political party.

These accusations were levelled heavily at Nick Robinson, and they’re currently being levelled at his successor: Laura Kuenssberg. Most specifically, it’s been alleged that the BBC are ‘anti-Labour’.

Here’s the bottom line: it’s not bias when the BBC report negative things about Labour that have actually happened. It’s not bias when BBC journalists aggressively interview members of the Labour party. It’s not bias when the BBC report on strife within the Labour party.

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