UKIP, Misogyny and You

As you may be aware, a Labour Party activist (she dressed as a horse in Eastleigh) by the name of Amy Rutland asked a question on Question Time last night.

Here’s what she said (Brits can watch it here [36 mins]):

UKIP are a really poor excuse for a political party, all they do is focus on the vulnerable people in society, and scaremonger them into getting their votes instead of the main three parties. I think they’re disgusting.

You prey on vulnerable people in society who feel they are going to be attacked by immigrants coming into our country, when there’s a lot of positives that immigrants bring to our country. You just prey on the vulnerable.

What you say is rubbish. How are 4 million Bulgarians going to come to our country when it’s a country of 7 million people? Why do you use such unbalanced data in your publications? Because all it does it scare people into voting for you.

A number of people – let’s call them “UKIP supporters” – are complaining about the fact that Ms. Rutland asked her question despite being a Labour Party member.

(there are also quite a few who still seem unaware that Question Time is not broadcast live, and so are coming up with some charming conspiracy theories about how she managed to tweet about her question before the show was aired… bless)

Ignoring the latter, the problem UKIP supporters seem to have is this:
Labour Party members aren't people
It seems rather bizarre to expect that the audience of a political TV show should not be made up of people interested in politics (and therefore, in many cases, affiliated with various parties), but the rest of this argument is a little too Orwellian an argument for my liking.

People who join political parties are still people, and remain entitled to voice their opinions in public.

But many UKIP members and supporters – who are, to quote their website, “a Libertarian, non-racist party” also took a swing at Ms. Rutland’s appearance and gender.

Some UKIP members  did try to distance themselves from the abuse being given out by their fellow party members… although it would help if they weren’t simultaneously doing all the things they were distancing themselves from.

Women who speak out against UKIP aren’t just hysterical and/or fat, though.

They are also ‘whores‘ and ‘tarts‘ who “deserve what they get“.

I’ve made some effort here to only screencap quotes from UKIP members and supporters.
Many similar tweets were being shared by those who professed membership of the EDL, Golden Dawn and other openly fascist groups. That’s the mentality UKIP are part of, here.

At least some UKIP members were aware that they were (by now) misogynistically attacking this woman on International Women’s Day.

You may agree with some of UKIP’s ideas about immigration. You could be opposed to further EU integration.

But please, don’t kid yourself that UKIP are anything other than yet another party comprised of far-right bullies, racists, homophobes and misogynists. Whenever something like this happens, they reveal their underbelly – are these people you’d be comfortable associating with?

Or electing?

When a UKIP member (who himself attacked, and condoned attacks on, a young woman for her appearance, weight & gender) can best defend his party by saying

A minority of UKIP are right wing nutjobs

Then you don’t need me to tell you what this party actually represents.

3 thoughts on “UKIP, Misogyny and You

  • 14th March 2013 at 13:28

    Maybe in the interests of balance and fairness you should publish the tweets from UKIP members who rebuke those making personal attacks.Also, the left are well known for making threats, personal attacks and insinuations at those they disagree with.

    • 14th March 2013 at 21:08

      I might have done, but I didn’t actually find any UKIP members rebuking others for making personal attacks.

      Chris Latimer (who I have quoted) did make an effort to distance himself from some of the more extreme attitudes – I’ve quoted him saying he didn’t condone it (although he was giving out a rather mixed message).

      In answer to your second point, that there are people who belong to the Left who exhibit aggressive misogyny does not and should not excuse UKIP supporters for their own behaviour (which seems to be increasingly widespread).

  • 15th March 2013 at 11:18

    Thanks for writing this – so glad someone is sticking up for this poor woman who has been torn to shreds over the last couple of days. The tweets she is being sent are vile, threatening and abusive in the extreme. I’ve just seen one user (a UKIP supporter) say she ‘started to have sympathy with Peter Sutcliffe’ when she was on-screen.

    Good on you Amy Rutland for standing up to these people. The fact they can’t respond and simply resort to threats and ridicule speaks volumes.


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