Dave vs. Microsoft – Day Two

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To give myself a good head-start, I’ve returned to Hitman: Absolution, a game I stopped part-way through for some reason (i.e. ‘I started playing another game and forgot all about it’)

This means that I have a shitload of story- and challenge-based achievements still to pick up.

Nothing too spectacular so far, but I have noticed that my ‘keep replaying every level until you have unlocked absolutely everything’ playstyle still remains, which doesn’t really translate to ‘fast achievement unlocking’.

(although in the long run it should translate to ‘lots of achievements’. I hope.)

I also managed a few games of Trivial Pursuit, which blew Hitman out of the water in the violent, adult content stakes (although that may just be the way me and my mrs play…).

Most annoying achievement of the day goes to ‘Better Luck Next Time’ – I’m just not sure I can be entirely proud of unlocking an ‘achievement’ for losing a game of Trivial Pursuit. 


Final score at the end of the day: 

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