Dave vs. Microsoft – Day Twenty-Four

To find out why I’m doing this, see my first post or donate via JustGiving here

Just two days ago I was a healthy 882 gamerscore short of my target, with a mere 6 days to go. With the deadline getting tighter, how have I performed?

Well, I think the image says it all really.

I was ‘quietly confident’ on Thursday.

Now, with four days remaining, I need to achieve a mighty two gamerscore if I’m going to avoid my forfeit and keep my hair.

I don’t want to fall foul of overconfidence, but I think I’ll just nip off and dye my hair.

Because I – and I can’t emphasise this enough – I am not going to end up bald.

In the interim, if anyone would like to suggest a game (or a particular achievement) with which I can push myself over the 100,000 gamerscore threshold, please do so in the comments.


Remember, you can still donate to Cancer Research UK via JustGiving here – not so much to inspire me (because I think I can get the remaining 2 points without any encouragement whatsoever if I’m absolutely 100% honest), but because a) Cancer Research UK is fucking important and b) … no, actually a) is probably enough.

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